Welcome To Terraform DAO

This is not a charity coin. This is a movement. Aimed to enhance our planet through investment in, and/or partnership with, blockchain-supported projects and other technologies that align with our mission.

One Is Now Many. We Must Rebuild.

Terraform DAO⋔⟟⌇⌇⟟⍜⋏ ⏃⋏⎅ ☌⍜⏃⌰⌇



TERRAFORM DAO aims to gather likeminded innovators and enthusiasts into a community that funds eco-friendly and sustainable technologies via a 1% DAO Investment tax. Rebuild...We Must!


Terraform is the tradable and liquid ERC-20 token of Terraform DAO, transacting with Terraform contributes to TERRAFORMATION by filling the DAO Investment Pool slowly, to fund investments in eco-friendly and sustainable technologies, either through blockchain-supported projects or private companies. Investments, selected by the Terraform Community, are intended to Re Terraform Earth, and eventually Terraform other worlds.


vTerraform is the “proof of stake token” for Terraform. Staking Terraform tokens into the DAO, in exchange for vTerraform, which provides voting rights based on the amount of vTerraform you hold. This can be converted at any time into the original amount of Terraform staked, plus any rewards / profits that were accumulated by the DAO during the time period each Terraformer owned vTerraform.

To own is good, yes. But to hold, well... to hold is far greater, as is the reward.


Mission Plan ⏁⟒⍀⍀⏃⎎⍜⍀⋔⏃⏁⟟⍜⋏ ⌿⍀⍜☊⟒⌇⌇

The first four sequences of terraformation are mapped out and underway.

  1. SEQ 1.0 ⏃⏁⋔⍜⌇⌿⊑⟒⍀⟟☊

    Atmospheric Sequence


    Terraformers acquire $TERRAFORM tokens with a 1% tax on each transaction.


    Community of Terraformers is established to organize and plan the undertaking of the terraformation process.


    Community continues to declare the Mission Plan, making it widely known across the known (and unknown) universe.

  2. SEQ 2.0 ⏚⏃⍀⍜⋔⟒⏁⍀⟟☊

    Barometric Sequence


    vTERRAFORM staking contract is created, allowing Terraformers to stake their TERRAFORM tokens into vTERRAFORM.

    Tax Accumulation

    Taxes from $TERRAFORM are accumulated in preparation for deployment of the next sequence.

  3. SEQ 3.0 ⏁⍜⌿⍜☌⍀⏃⌿⊑⟟☊

    Topographic Sequence

    DAO in Action

    Community members submit their rebuild projects for review. The community will also vote to approve or reject said new rebuild projects, deciding if any further action is taken with rebuild funds.

    Weighted Votes

    Voting rights for each community/DAO member will be based on the amount of vTERRAFORM they own. The more $TERRAFORM you stake, the more vTERRAFORM you'll receive.

  4. SEQ 4.0 ⟒☊⍜⌰⍜☌⟟☊⏃⌰

    Ecological Sequence


    Rebuild funds will be deployed to approved blockchain-supported projects, and/or other companies, subsequently voted on by the Terraform DAO. Tributes will be rewarded to vTERRAFORM holders in the form of ethereum.


    The community of Terraformers will continue to vet future rebuild projects, both from within and outside the community, and repeat the terraformation process on each new rebuild project in perpetuity -- Infinite Terraformation

WHY RE-TERRAFORM EARTH? ⍙⟒ ⋔⎍⌇⏁ ⍀⟒⏚⎍⟟⌰⎅


As stewards of the third rock from the sun, and the only “known” place in the universe to support life, we are capable of sustaining, enhancing or destroying our home. We need to look to the stars, and while looking beyond our atmosphere to the unlimited expanse of celestial bodies has broadened our viewpoint, we must turn again to our mother which gives us strength. We are explorers, settlers, innovators, creators...We are Terraformers.

We are not political, overbearing or deceptive talking heads to make you abandon all the resources found here at home. Our request is to nurture cost effective energy sources, and yes that includes oil, gas, coal, and nuclear, as well as alternative sources of energy, improve living conditions, food and water supplies and enhance our lives. Innovative technologies are being developed as we speak, with many more significant developments yet to be commenced.

Globally, nearly 700 million people (or 9%) live in extreme poverty, more than 785 million do not have access to basic water services, and as many as 800 million people face starvation. Terraform DAO aims to provide access and funding to projects that are regularly overlooked by institutionally funded entities that are predominately controlled by global elitists, whose loyalties lie inward, rather than outward.

It takes vision, leadership and a strong community to transcend the limitations placed upon each of us. Let us unite as Terraformers, ascending beyond our carnal desires and bring lasting change to our Earth, for generations to come.

⏁⟒⍀⍀⏃⎎⍜⍀⋔⏃⏁⟟⍜⋏ ⟟⌇ ⟟⋔⋔⟟⋏⟒⋏⏁

TERRAFORMATION INITIATED ⏁⊑⟒ ⌇⏁⍀⍜⋏☌ ⍙⟟⌰⌰ ⏚⟒ ⍀⟒⍙⏃⍀⎅⟒⎅

Our Community of Terraformers is prepared. Are you?

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